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Cover Reveal
Cover Reveal organized by Support Indie Authors
100 Days in Deadland by Berinn Rae
Cover Design by Berinn Rae

Book Blurb:
The world ended on a Thursday.
In less than three days, the world succumbed to a pestilence that decimated the living. In its place rose a new species: vicious, gruesome, wandering plague monsters with an insatiable hunger for the living. There is no shelter. No government. In this new world, you’re either a survivor or a victim.
Still in her twenties, Cash has seen thousands die, only to walk again. An office worker with few survival skills, she teams up with Clutch, a grizzled big rig driver with PTSD. Together, they fight through the nine circles of hell, with nothing but Clutch’s military experience and Cash’s belief that humanity is not yet lost. As they fight to survive in the zombie inferno, they quickly discover that nowhere is safe from the undead… or the living.
This is the beginning after the end.
100 Days in Deadland is a journey through “Dante’s Inferno,” the first poem in Dante Alighieri's classic tale Divine Comedy… zombie apocalypse style!

Read 100 Days in Deadland, starting May 6! 
Read 100 Days in Deadland here and on Wattpad, with a new part posted every Monday.
Read the novel as it's written!

LIMBO: The 1st Circle of Hell (~50 pages)
link will be active Monday, May 6, 2013

LUST: The 2nd Circle of Hell (~30 pages)
link will be active Monday, May 13, 2013

HUNGER: The 3rd Circle of Hell (~30 pages)
link will be active Monday, May 20, 2013

GREED: The 4th Circle of Hell (~30 pages)
link will be active Monday, May 27, 2013

ANGER: The 5th Circle of Hell (~30 pages)
link will be active Monday, June 3, 2013

ARROGANCE: The 6th Circle of Hell (~40 pages)
link will be active Monday, June 10, 2013

VIOLENCE: The 7th Circle of Hell (~60 pages)
link will be active Monday, June 17, 2013

MALICE: The 8th Circle of Hell (~80 pages)
link will be active Monday, June 24, 2013

BETRAYAL: The 9th Circle of Hell (~50 pages)
link will be active Monday, July 1, 2013
100 Days in Deadland comes out Aug 1!!! With bonus content!!

Author Bio:
Berinn was raised on a farm in Iowa where she boasted the small town’s largest (and only) comic book collection, and she's still addicted to stories starring characters with kickassitude. She writes the spectrum of speculative fiction, from horror to fantasy romance. Berinn flies old airplanes in the American Midwest with her awesomely supportive husband and caters to an incredibly spoiled sixty-pound lap dog. 


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Friday, 26 April 2013


For Everly
A New Adult Contemporary Romance
Raine Thomas

Raine Thomas is so excited to share the new cover of her upcoming New Adult novel, For Everly. There’s only one problem: she can’t decide which it will be!

After commissioning two talented cover designers, Tonya Dsigns and Allie B Designs, to send her concepts, Raine fell in love with their different styles. Now, she wants readers to decide which she’ll use as the final cover.

In a fun spin on Ye Olde Cover Reveal, Raine has set up a poll so readers can vote on the cover. The winning design will be announced on Monday, May 6th. All voters can enter to win a signed paperback of For Everly after its release on May 27th using the Rafflecopter form below.

First, check out the book blurb and the beautiful covers (shown in no particular order). Then cast your vote and enter the giveaway. May the best cover win!


Determined to overcome a dark and tragic past, college student Everly Wallace is only months away from earning her degree in physical therapy. She’s consumed with school, caring for her ailing grandfather, and figuring out how to pay the next bill. The last thing she wants is a relationship, but it just might be the one thing she needs.

Major League pitcher Cole Parker hasn’t fought for anything in his life. He went from a privileged upbringing to a multimillion dollar All-Star career. But when his pitching shoulder starts to give him trouble at only twenty-four years old, he faces the possibility of his injury becoming public knowledge and costing him everything.

In a desperate bid to save his career, Cole decides to hire someone to treat his injury, someone who will keep things off the record and out of the media. He finds the perfect solution in Everly. As mysterious as she is beautiful, she provides an enticing distraction from his pain. Soon, physical therapy is the last thing on his mind.

When an act of betrayal brings the truths they both fear to light, Cole will have to fight for the first time in his life…not just for his career, but for Everly’s love.

Coming May 27, 2013 by Iambe Books, LLC
Add it to your to-read list on Goodreads!




Author bio: Raine Thomas is the award-winning author of a series of YA fantasy/romance novels about the Estilorian plane, including the Daughters of Saraqael trilogy and the Firstborn trilogy. Her upcoming release, For Everly, is a New Adult Contemporary Romance. She is a proud member of Romance Writers of America and is a contributing blogger to The Writer's Voice. When she isn’t planning weddings, writing or glued to social networking sites, she can usually be found on one of Florida’s beautiful beaches with her husband and daughter or crossing the border to visit with her Canadian friends and relatives.

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Thursday, 25 April 2013

Ava’s life went from bad to worse the night Chance became a vampire.

He won’t have anything to do with her. Ava understands why—because he blames her—but it doesn’t mean she likes it.

And it doesn’t help that she’s starting to feel something for Erik, the boy who once wanted her dead. Especially when Chance decides that he does still love her, and wants her to be with him for eternity.

Now she has a choice: Humanity…or forever as a vampire with Chance. 

But Ava wants nothing more than to be human again. At least, she thought that was all she wanted. 

Thankfully her best friend Kayla has a plan to distract Ava from her boy troubles, and they go in search of Kayla’s missing dad. A great idea, but one that brings Sebastian back into Ava’s life. Along with another, more sinister former member of his coven. 

Sebastian and Zyris face off against Ava and her friends, resulting in Ava making yet another choice that changes the course of everyone’s lives, and leaves her wondering if being human again is really worth losing everything.

My Thoughts
It as been a while since I read Blood Born so thought I may have to familiarise myself with the story, but thankfully Jamie made it very easy for me to be pulled right back into the story.

I really liked how the characters have grown and changed in the book as a reflection of all they went through in the previous book. I must admit Ava did annoy me with all the apologies to Chance  and Erik and the constant whining  I also got annoyed with Ava and Chance's relationship, I wanted to shake the pair of them and lock them both in a room until they could sort themselves out, despite that I did enjoy the love triangle between Ava, Chance and Erik but for me I knew which I hoped she would choose.

I found the search for Kayla's dad really interesting, I hope we find out more about his disappearance  in the next book, and I loved Kayla in this story too she really seems to have come into her own.

the end. OMG. was amazing and nail biting. I was reading between fingers and I am really hoping that when the third book comes out Jamie is going to throw a curve ball because that ending cant be real it just cant.

Monday, 22 April 2013

Review; Hunters by Stefanie J. Pristavu

Rachel and Daniel broke every rule in the Hunter book.

Don’t turn humans into Hunters. Daniel did that when he saved Rachel from becoming a vampire bride.

Don’t travel beyond your assigned area. Assigned area? They’ve traveled half-way around the world in search for Vlad, the vampire boss.

Report all hunting activity to the Hunters’ High Council. There’s a Hunters’ High Council?

Don’t tell humans about the existence of paranormal beings. Ooopsy, they kinda let that one slip.

Don’t resist arrest and escape from your death sentence. Well, about that… If they’re to go down, they’re taking Vlad with them, especially since he screwed up both their lives.

The Council has a valid reason to want their heads, but Rachel and Daniel have more pressing matters to worry about. Like the screechy voices inside Rachel’s head which sing of death and destruction and the creepy Banshee who predicts the coming of a Hunter – vampire war. A war which Daniel and Rachel must trigger to save their race from extinction.
And Rachel seriously doubts that a head-on battle between the vampires and the Hunters will be their ticket out of the death sentence.

My thoughts
First off, I love the cover her eyes are so gorgeous, secondly I love the blurb, as soon as read it I knew I had to read this book, who can resist a book filled with broken rules and last but not least I loved the book, I loved how although it was a book with Vampires the main focus was the Hunters, it was refreshing to read a vampire book from a different perspective. 

The friendship/ relationship between Rachel and Daniel was brilliantly written and never felt forced I did find myself getting frustrated with the two of them on a occasion, well mainly Daniel but that to me showed the dynamic between the two and made the characters seem more real.

Vlad is your typical bad guy vampire who Daniel and Rachel are determined to bring down even if that means a huge death sentence over there heads if the hunters ever catch up with them.

Of course Daniel and Rachel aren't typical hunters they soon find out that there is more to them than they first realised.

I read this book in just over a day, in fact if I didn't have to work I would have finished it one day because once I picked it up the main problem I had was putting it down, a brilliant read, I hope to read more from this author.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Review; Broken Rules (The Chronicles of Amber Harris, book 2) by Elle A. Rose

Lance Grayson, Amber’s one love has died.
After receiving the startling news of Lance’s death, Amber’s world has shattered. However, being invited to say her final goodbye to her true love, Amber realizes Lance has one last request for her. Understanding Madeline, the grieving widow, knows of her secret life, Amber believes Lance’s final task for her is to aid his family after his departure. As Amber embarks on this new journey, she must rely on Christopher to calm her nagging suspicion that there’s something wrong with Lisa. 
While trying to put aside her bereavement to live with humans, Amber fights with the notion of never loving again. Welcome back to The Chronicles of Amber Harris.

My thoughts
After the cliff hanger at the end of the last Chronicles of Amber Harris Novel I was eager to make a start on Broken Rules. Thankfully I had it ready and waiting.

I again was not disappointed I was instantly drawn back into Amber's world as she begins to help Lance's family put the pieces back together after his death. A friendship begins to form between Amber and Lance's Widow and Amber vows to be always be there for her as she was for Lance.

Amber doesnt believe she will ever love again, she was wrong and I loved to see the love blossom between her and the new man in her life, in typical Amber style she fights with her emotions every step of the way until she can no longer deny what is in her heart. Everything at last seems to be falling into place for Amber, her family is growing and she as love in her heart again.

I loved this book possibly more than the first which I think a lot of Authors struggle to manage but Elle pulled it off flawlessly, of course I am now eagerly awaiting the third installment. I hope I don't have a long wait.

Friday, 12 April 2013

Author Interview: Jamie Manning

How easy/hard is it writing this series from Ava's point of view. Being a guy do you stumble across difficulty writing from a female perspective?

It was actually fairly easy writing from Ava’s point of view (though I don’t know if I was successful at it, lol). She was such a strong character during the writing process, it would’ve been impossible not to convey what she was saying to me!

What inspired you to write a story about a half vampire?

I've always loved vampires. By far, they’re my favourite of all mystics in fiction (I secretly still hold out hope that they’re real, and one will swoop in and bite me. Yes, I'm weird). When Ava’s story came to me, she was just a vampire trying to survive. I knew that I somehow needed to make her story different. The idea that vampires could become human again just sort of emerged out of that thinking, and The Blood Prophecy was born.

In Blood Awakening, the characters have undergone some changes based on events that happened in Blood Born. Was it difficult to keep the characters familiar despite these changes?

I actually found it easier, given that they were so present to me. I’ve been with these characters for a while now, so their actions and thought processes are pretty familiar to me.

If you could invite any author dead or alive to dinner, who would it be?

Definitely Harper Lee (To Kill A Mockingbird). I would love to sit down to dinner (or even just coffee, Ms. Lee. Just so ya know.) and just let her ramble about whatever topic she chooses. Just being in the same room with her would be a dream.

What's next? More from The Blood Prophecy Trilogy?

There will be one more book in the trilogy (duh, right? Lol) which will come out sometime in 2014. But in between this book and the last, the first book of my next series, GENERATION Z, will be released. It’s dystopian, and far different from this series, so I hope everyone enjoys it. I’m working on several side projects as well, that I hope to get published very soon. I’m also toying with the idea of a sort of novella set in the Blood Prophecy world, about a couple of the characters and their lives before the first book. So keep an eye out for that. J

Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?

This question is always a tough one for me, because I don’t feel adequate to dole out advice. But for the sake of an answer, I’ll say that if you aspire to become an author, don’t ever give up. No matter what gets in the way, always know, in your heart, that your dream is waiting.

Author bio:

My name is Jamie and I am a writer.

I've always wanted to be a writer (like most writers, I'm sure) but not until the last few years have I taken it seriously (after I read a tiny, unknown book called Twilight). I was always told growing up that I had to get a job and take care of myself, so I pushed my dream of writing a book to the back of my mind and entered the workforce. Fast-forward many, many years and here I am, trying to make a go at it.

I stumbled across Blogger in 2010 and my world of writing exploded. I have met (via the web) so many amazing writers and industry professionals and book bloggers that have passed on their wisdom and experience and successes and failures. So many, in fact, that I have no excuse to sit down and write out the stories living in my head. Which is what I'm now attempting to do.

I enjoy reading more than most other things (well, except maybe for writing. And TV. No way am I giving up my TV) . I attempt to write YA (paranormal and dystopian) and I love it.

Blood Born, book one in The Blood Prophecy trilogy, was released by Pendrell Publishing April 24, 2012. Book two, Blood Awakening, is coming April 2013.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Review; Last Teardrop (The Chronicles of Amber Harris, Book 1) by Elle A. Rose

Living for over two hundred years as an immortal, one usually doesn’t run into others from their past human life, let alone, find out it’s their brother’s new mate. After witnessing a vampire kill her close friend and becoming one, Amber Harris is thrown into a world of secrets, darkness and cravings. Closing her heart off from both love and her new vampire family, she sets off into the world alone. After spending fifty years apart, she reconnects with her family, including the newest member, who happens to be her hot headed vampire brother ‘s new mate. Recognizing the girl from her human past, Amber is convinced her family is in danger. With the news that her brother and mate are thinking about separating from the family, Amber must work quickly to uncover the truth before she and her family lose him forever. 
Welcome to the chronicles of Amber Harris.

My thoughts
I really enjoyed this book. I am a completely hooked on most vampire books and Elle didn't let me down with her take on the vampire world in fact she gave it a fresh new look.

Amber Harris as lived as a vampire for over two hundred years although she does pretty well at blending in as a human even managing to hold down a job.

Elle provides many flash backs into Ambers life which I think helps connect the reader more to Amber and understand her a lot more, also the flash backs become necessary as Amber meets her brothers new mate, surprised that her brother even has a mate considering there past but she is even more surprised when she learns his mate is a girl from her past, a girl who went missing in her village and presumed dead before she became a vampire. Instantly on alert and suspicious of her she is determined to uncover the truth.

I will admit this book had me choked up on a few occasions and laughing out loud on others, my favourite scenes I think were with Amber and her brother there is so much pent up emotions with these two that quite literal nearly every time they are in a scene together things rapidly blow up like an explosion.

I was eager to start reading the next book as soon as I had finished the last sentence, thankfully the next in the series was already sitting in my kindle.