Friday, 31 August 2012

A Matter of Degree by Beckie Henderson

Like a bit of romance? Like a bit of mystery? Then "A Matter of Degree" is for you!

When Katherine Valletta starts her new job at Deerhampton University, it’s clear that this is no normal workplace. Why has someone left an anonymous letter on her desk? Who is the arrogant woman who almost runs her down in that flashy sports car? And, most importantly, what is the story behind the handsome man whose arms she falls into on her way home?

As Katherine attempts to unravel these puzzles, her confidence and her self-knowledge grow, along with her relationships. She builds an unlikely friendship with Diana Woolf, Deerhampton’s tough new Professor of History. Fred Morris, the Admissions Tutor with a penchant for gaudy ties and knitted tank tops, seems like a useful ally. While in the midst of all the mayhem, Maddie Rose is a voice of reason, supporting her colleague Katherine all the way.

And in the background hovers sultry Biology Lecturer Chris Burberry. The more Katherine sees him, the more she likes him. But what does he want? What’s in his past? In fact, what does Katherine really know about him at all?

My Thoughts

A light read with a hint of mystery and Romance ideal for a holiday read or just to be transported away from whatever you are doing in your daily life.

The characters were believable and engaging Katherine was smart, witty and in control although not as in control as Diana although like most women she too as a vulnerable side. I enjoyed the friendship between these two women and would have liked to have seen more

Chris was instantly likeable and I loved the romance between him and Katherine.
I loved the who done it story line, I was kept guessing until the reveal although I had a couple of culprits in mind.

This book had me, laughing, crying and eager to read more.

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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Perfection Unleashed (Double Helix, #1) by Jade KerrionG

Two men, one face. One man seeks to embrace destiny, the other to escape it. 

Danyael Sabre spent sixteen years clawing out of the ruins of his childhood and finally has everything he wanted--a career, a home, and a trusted friend. To hold on to them, he keeps his head down and plays by the rules. An alpha empath, he is powerful in a world transformed by the Genetic Revolution, yet his experience has taught him to avoid attention.

When the perfect human being, Galahad, escapes from Pioneer Laboratories, the illusory peace between humans and their derivatives--the in vitros, clones, and mutants--collapses into social upheaval. The abominations, deformed and distorted mirrors of humanity, created unintentionally in Pioneer Lab's search for perfection, descend upon Washington D.C. The first era of the Genetic Revolution was peaceful. The second is headed for open war.

Although the genetic future of the human race pivots on Galahad, Danyael does not feel compelled to get involved and risk his cover of anonymity, until he finds out that the perfect human being looks just like him.

My thoughts
right from the start we are thrust into the action, as the events of Galahad escape are set into motion,as Galahad escapes so too do the abominations but Galahad and his rescuer cant focus on that first the have to get to safety. before long they will have to deal with the abominations that should never have existed, created by a man who's disregard for his own family is astounding.

Just the first few pages was all it took for this book to get its claws into me. I was hooked.

Danyael was a complex character and I hated how he felt so little of himself and how others couldn't help but mirror his thoughts of himself due to his power. I wish everyone including Danyael himself could see him as Lucian saw him. Danyeal just doesn't seem to realise his own worth.

I have not read anything like this before as far as I am concerned it is a unique concept if I had to compare it to something though I would probably say X men a great film in my opinion which indicates how good I thought this book was

the action was fast and pacey, the characters where believable and engaging and the overall book was believable especially if like me you live in fantasy world most of the time. I loved the world Jade created where clones in-vitros and mutants all live amongst humans 

I am looking forward to the next instalment in the double helix series and  hoping someone will just give Danyael a huge hug

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Monday, 27 August 2012

Birthright (Shepherd's Moon Saga, book #1) by J. Anne Fullerton

For centuries, werewolves have been condemned to live in the shadows. Now, in a Victorian world of steam machines and gas lights, sheep farmer Nick Buchanan unwittingly finds himself married to a werewolf. His new wife, Agatha only wanted to escape a life of torment, not realizing that a greater destiny was her birthright. They will have to overcome one werewolf’s legacy and the madness of another to keep Australia from being thrown to the wolves. In sickness and in health, for better or worse, they are on the road to redemption for all werewolves.

My Thoughts
first off I love the cover it sums up Parts of this book for me.
I was worried how a story about werewolves set in a Victorian era would work, but needn't have. it totally worked and worked well.
Agatha comes to Australia  fleeing her a life of torture and torment only to have to face something far more terrifying. Despite her past and her fears Agatha is a strong woman and is fiercely protective of the ones she loves, she marries Nick originally not escape her past and start a new life hiding her true self from him but she soon learns what love really means and learns to trust and open up.

Nick was a great character he finally resigns himself to take a wife, if he is ever to have sons to carry on his work when he his too old, his first wife bore him no children so now he decides to seek the help of Eliza the local match maker, here he meets Agatha, unaware she is a werewolf and not letting Eliza change his mind he marries her and takes her home to start a life and hopefully a family.

I really enjoyed the love story between Nick and Agatha as there love grew so did my love for the book, they face many obstacles in this book and there are many twists and turns, it is a journey they take together determined to rise up against the madness of the sauvage werewolf that intends to take over Australia .

I was hooked from the first to the last page, just when I thought the trouble was over another twist in the story had me gasping for breath. I cant wait to read the next instalment.

A brilliant first novel by J. Anne Fullerton and I look forward to reading more of her work in the future 

Friday, 24 August 2012

Shift release day By Raine Thomas

Woo Hoo SHIFT release day is finally here and I am so excited to be able to share my review at last.

The Blurb
Having the ability to shapeshift, Sophia is familiar with change. But even she feels the rising tension in her homeland.

A shadowy male and deadly beast reside in their midst. The births of the newest Kynzesti loom. Hostile Mercesti continue to hunt for the Elder Scroll, and a traumatized female is too afraid to use her abilities to stop them.

Topping off Sophia’s stress is Quincy, the male she’s convinced can’t stand her. She rues the loss of their friendship, but can’t figure out how to move past it. She’ll soon learn, however, that mending that rift bears more significance than she ever imagined.

The search for the Elder Scroll takes on unexpected urgency, and Sophia finds herself in a race across the mainland. To stop the Mercesti led by Eirik, she and her companions must get past their differences and unite against them. If they don’t, Eirik will acquire the immense power he seeks, and two of the beings Sophia loves most will die

My Thoughts
So far each and everyone of Raine's books as made it to my read over and over again list and SHIFT is no exception.
I love the individuality of the characters, I love the relationships between the characters, I love the Estilorian world that Raine as created. I just love it.

In SHIFT the focus is on Sophia, the first born child of Olivia and James as she sets off with her cousins in the search for the Elder scroll. Determined to get to it before Eririk. She unexpectedly finds herself separated and on a different path to her companions. 

At times I wanted to shake both Sophia and Quincy, the way they felt about each other is clear to everyone except to themselves. Quincy is terrified how her parents will react if he tells them he is in love with there daughter and Sophia as convinced her self that Quincy is appalled by how she look as she looks so different to the other  Kynzesti class. Finding out why she is different to her siblings and cousins comes as shocking news and she feels hurt and betrayed by the people she loved and trusted even if she understands why know one told her

Sophia really grows in this book and proves to everyone just how strong, stubborn and determined she is despite her size. When it comes the people she loves there is nothing she wont do to help, protect and rescue them.
The cliff hanger at the end has my wanting to read the next instalment now. Unfortunately I will have to wait

I really enjoyed SHIFT  a great read that had me hooked and unable to put down until I had devoured the book again and again.

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Author Bio

Raine Thomas is the author of an award-winning series of YA fantasy/romance novels about the Estilorian plane, including the Daughters of Saraqael trilogy and the Firstborn trilogy. She is a proud member of Romance Writers of America and is a contributing blogger to The Writer's Voice. When she isn’t planning weddings, writing or glued to social networking sites, she can usually be found on one of Florida’s beautiful beaches with her husband and daughter or crossing the border to visit with her Canadian friends and relatives.

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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Review For A death Displaced By Andrew Butcher

Review For A death Displaced
By Andrew Butcher

A vision, an unsuspecting woman, apparitions and an unsolved
past all come together on an island with a dark story of its own.

Nicolas Crystan lives a stunted life; the past hangs over him, and his relationships have broken down. On top of that, he's spiritually lost. He yearns for something more, anything! But when a seemingly paranormal incident occurs, it doesn't just alter his life but also the fate of an unsuspecting woman.

Juliet Maystone, a wealthy, attractive and business-minded woman, starts seeing things that couldn't possibly be real. She's forced to seek out help from a source she never would have considered before: a famous medium... or as she refers to herself: a witch.

My Thoughts

I really enjoyed this book. It had just the right amount of mystery and suspense to keep me hooked, and keep me guessing. The story is told from different Povs but it flows seamlessly, always giving just enough information to keep me engaged

I felt empathy toward the characters especially Juliet, a strong business minded woman who as always seen everything as black and white until her beliefs are shattered when she sees things that cant possibly be real and she comes to realise that there is more to what she sees in the world around her than she would have ever believed.

Nick is like a lost boy who I felt instantly drawn to as he searchers for a bigger meaning to his life and getting just that.

A great story, well written and I am looking forward to reading more from the Lansin Island Series 

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Review For Last Summer By Rebecca A. Rogers

Review For Last Summer 

All Chloe Sullivan wants to do is get through the summer. Her life has been in disarray for more than six months, and she knows the only reason her parents made one final trip to Sandy Shores is because of her. They are, after all, two seconds away from filing for divorce. When Chloe stumbles upon a boy in one of her childhood hangouts, she’s in for more than just a relaxing summer vacation. 

Logan Andrews is exhausted, famished and, quite frankly, kaput. His parents kicked him out when he refused to attend a rehabilitation program for his drug addiction. Now, he wishes he would’ve listened; he’d be receiving appropriate medical care rather than living in a dingy, godforsaken shack, holing up from money-hungry drug dealers. 

Logan’s godsend arrives in the form of Chloe, who can’t hold her tongue when it comes to matters of the heart. They’re both in for a rude awakening when Logan’s past catches up to them, though. Can they escape the drug dealers showing up at every twist and turn, or will things end much worse than they ever imagined? 

WARNING: contains strong language, drug use, and sexual situations, including an explicit sex scene and a near-rape scene. Mature audiences only. 17+ 

My Thoughts
I was excited about reading this book after reading the book blurb.Although I must admit I am naive when it comes to the drug world, Rebecca did a great job at portraying the drug world. As I have already said I am naive when it comes to drugs so I was dubious about how quick a drug addict can recover but Rebecca addresses this issue in her own review and I think she did a great job of showing Logan' struggles.

What I loved about this book was how the story was told from Chloe and Logan' point of view. I really enjoyed getting to know each of them and seeing what made them tick.

At the heart this is a wonderful love story but both Chloe and Logan have there own issues to deal with and although Chloe originally sets out to help Logan he in turns helps her.

I loved Chloe she is so outspoken and wont take any nonsense from Logan.despite going through her own personal problems her devotion to helping Logan is touching

beautifully written but with some very serious issues that were written well

Friday, 17 August 2012

Review for Perdition (A Goddess of the Night Novella Book Two) by Ley Mesina

In the second installment of the Goddess of Night series, Lily ventures out into the Underworld determined to find Nyx and finally get the answers she’s been looking for.

Xander, Drew, and Roxy head out on a mission to rescue Roxy’s parents from the secret facility hidden below Devlond University.

The time has come. Secrets will finally be revealed and the world they once knew will change…


My Thoughts
I started reading this book as soon as I finished book one and I devoured it within a day. I loved it as much as the first if not more.

In this book Lily ventures to Hades looking for Nyx to get the training and answers she desperately seeks she comes across the Greek god Hades while taking souls with her in payment to the ferryman to cross into the underworld. Hades is Jealous of the Lily and her powers of the goddess of the night as she is able to come back and forth into the underworld where as Hades is stuck in the underworld. He does however guide her to Perdition where he as sent Nyx after her death.
Lily grows so much in this book as a person and a witch/Goddess of the night.

Xander, Drew and Roxy have there own mission to free Roxy's parents from Samuel who is keeping them prisoner for been friendly and helping vampires. the relationship between the friends grow as well as romance between Xander and Lily, and Drew and Roxy. 

I have loved both books in the Goddess of the Night series so far and cant wait for the next instalment

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Review for Reborn (A Goddess Of The Night Novella: Book One) , By Ley Mesina

Lily Westbrook discovers that being half witch and half vampire is more of a challenge than she thought. When her powers mature on her eighteenth birthday, she unlocks a mystery that many witches thought was a legend. 

After moving back to her birthplace in Cedar Creek, MA to attend Kensington University, Lily is instantly pulled deeper into the world she was kept from- the world of witches and vampires-uncovering the truth about her past and discovering who she is meant to be

My thoughts
Just wow!!! this as become my new favourite Vampire/witch series, there was nothing about this book I didn't like. I love books with vampires and I love books with witches this had the two and they blended together perfectly.

Lily's character is likeable and aside from being half witch half Vampire she is relate-able. She discovers more about her self as she is pulled deeper into the vampire/witch world after her 18th birthday and learns the truth about her parents and a legend most believe to be myth, she also discovers just how powerful she is, making friends along the way in the form of my new boy book crush Xander, Drew both Elder vampires and Roxy a witch, together they set out on a mission help Lily become her true self and rescue the people who have been captured and held against there will by Samuel a member of the high council of witches who is determined to rid the world of vampires 

As soon as I finished this book Which took less than two days I had to start the next book. watch out for my review coming soon

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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Review for New Beginnings by Brenda A. Barrett

Review for New Beginnings

I was shocked how much I liked this book, I knew from the blurb I would like it but was shocked how much.

Geneva was such a brilliant character, I loved how strong and outspoken she was and how she stood up to Pamela . 
I loved how her Ghetto way of talking stuck out so much and really enjoyed how shocked people were when she spoke and I loved how she had a few tricks up her sleeve to shock the uptowner's most of all Pamela. I wanted to high five her on more than one occasion. I was pleased that although we saw some of Geneva' teachings  it was the focus of the story and we instead saw her struggles as she learnt to try and live without her ghetto don and getting to know her sister.

Melody was a lovely girl and a great sister the complete opposite of her mother, if I had a sister I would want to be just like her.

Froggie came as a shock to me. Being the ghetto don I wasn't expecting to like him much but at his heart he was a sensitive guy who loved Geneva enough to let her go and pushed her to move on without him even though it tore him apart to do so. when it came to Geneva he was completely selfless.

Overall I really enjoyed this story once I picked it up I couldn't put it down I finished it within two days. I also think it is a story that will change peoples prejudiced perspective on the ghetto lifestyle, I am not sure if that was the authors aim or not.

Review for The Decalogue By Mark Pettinger

DCI Jonny Priest, fresh from his recent promotion bids a fond farewell to The Metropolitan Police and heads north west for a new challenge with the Greater Manchester Police Force. He is immediately thrown into a murder investigation; a teenager brutally murdered in a nightclub. Priest soon realises that this is not the first murder of its kind in the area, and with a truly sinster pattern emerging, DCI Priest and his team have a race against time to prevent further deaths.

Fresh starts never quite delivering the promises they hold; DCI Priest is met with two elements from his past - one very much welcome, the other tragic and long forgotten. Has he got what it takes to lead and inspire a new team? Can he keep his personal challenges from impacting on his work life ? Can he catch a serial killer before he strikes again? 

My Thoughts
A murder mystery I could really get my teeth into. Not my usual genre but I enjoyed it none the less
more than once I though I had the killer figured out and if not guessed his identity I thought I had figured out his next move but more often than not I guessed wrong, which was great I love to be surprised in a book.

Its not all about murder though, we see the DCI Priest trying to bond with his team while his past creeps up on him and then there is Nicole who is a welcome member to his team.

Priest was a great character not without his faults but man enough to understand them. A strong leader and he is determined to catch the killer. 

The author does a good job of introducing us to the characters at the right time and filling us in on there past so we get a deeper understand of each character and who they were.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Time for a new Notebook

The other day I informed my other half I needed a new notebook and watched as despair  filled his eyes after I uttered this simple sentence.
You see when it comes to my writing notebooks I have certain criteria that as to be met and the perfect one is hard to find.
One of my friends called me eccentric when I told her my criteria (You know who you are. Hehe) I probably am and I don't mind one bit, hey it's better than being dull. Right?

So what is this criteria? I mean if its so hard to find I must be asking for the pages to be dipped in gold. That would probably be easy to find.
Until I started my search I thought what I was asking for was fairly straight forward apparently not, so here it is my list of what I expect from a notebook

  • No lines/Blank pages
  • Small enough to fit in my hand bag
  • Ring binder and/or
  • Elastic band

The most important out of this list is the no lines. This may seem strange but for me this is so important. The pages have to be blank. I feel like lines restrict my flow, if I have to write within lines I feel my writing/creativity suffers and I experience writers block if I have a page of lines starring back at me, judging me, laughing at me. Yes I know I may be slightly exaggerated the last part but you get the idea.
for obvious reasons I need it to fit in my hand bag as I take it every where I go, You just never know when inspiration will hit.
I prefer ring binders just because the are easier to hold as you can bend the pages over essentially bending the book in half and the elastic band so I don't have to search for a blank page or I can easily locate the page I am using.
So really I am not asking for much. Or am I?

So after three days of searching and only two pages left in my current notebook I found I had to settle on a less than perfect one. The only criteria it meets is that it as no lines and it fits in my hand bag. I am currently using a ribbon to locate my pages but as it's hard back I cant fold it back. But hey I cant have everything and its better than no notebook.
Next time I wont lose it so late to find a new notebook and I will stock pile so I never have to see the despair in my long suffering boyfriends eyes when I mutter the words "I need a new notebook"

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Review for Jack Wrimo And The Ori Of Flames By Brad shreffler

Review for Jack Wrimo And The Ori Of Flames
By Brad shreffler

“Ori are a race of beings that are bonded with a natural force present on this planet. When our mother, Earthra, creates a new example of her power, she also creates an Ori to govern that power. I am the Ori of Flame.”

A 15 year old boy, named Jack Wrimo, is an average kid in every sense of the word. He has never been the fastest kid, or the smartest kid, but never the least of them either. That all changes when his family takes a trip to a flea market, and what he finds there changes his life forever.

Jack, along with his ally Pharia, must learn how to control new powers, fight a mysterious evil being, and save his best friend Matt in this exciting adventure.

This is the first book written by Brad Shreffler, and is an exciting tale of action and circumstance. Drawing on his experience as a Language Arts teacher, Shreffler is able to capture the mind of a teenager and put it to paper in a way that is interesting and genuine, while building a world of magic and mystery that is intriguing.

My Thoughts
What I loved about this book was its originality and how the author created new beings of existence The Ori.
Jack is a fifteen year old boy and he sounds like  a fifteen year old. Although he accepts what is happening to him and what he has to do he does so in typical fifteen year old style. It is his job to defeat Bucan and save his family and friends and of course the world, his main priority is the people he cares about.just as any normal fifteen year old would and I liked how he never got big headed about all he had to do and we never lost sight of how young he was. Of course before he can save them he needs to learn how to control his new powers

Pharia was an interesting character who is bound to Jack and is helping him on his journey to save the world but who also learns from Jack about humans and there nature

the book was fast paced with twists and turns along the way that kept me wanting to read more. I was hooked from the first page.

The author wrote this for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and I admire the author for writing, Editing and publishing this already (I am still working on mine) I am looking forward to seeing what he comes up with this year and of course reading the next installment of Jack Wrimo

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Free E-book The Not So Secret Emails Of Coco Pinchard

Back at the beginning of July I was asked to read and review The Not So secret Emails of Coco Pinchard. You can see by my review how much I loved the book, and now you can too... for free. The lovely author Robert Bryndza as recently cotacted me and and told me that The Not So secret Emails of Coco Pinchard will be free for a limited time.
for today and tomorrow only you can get your copy free here or here

Book Blurb
Coco Pinchard is a successful writer. Her husband Daniel is a self-absorbed musician. Her teenage son Rosencrantz is a wannabe actor and her mother-in-law Ethel is her worst enemy. Thank god she has friends Chris, an ageing trust fund kid and Marika a no-nonsense schoolteacher. 

Over Christmas, Coco realises her marriage is on the rocks and that Daniel is losing interest. He breaks with his tradition of buying her jewellery and instead gets her an iPhone. He also announces he has accepted a job in America without telling her. A few weeks later Coco finds him in bed with a younger woman, she throws him out and gets very drunk. Waking up the next morning on the bathroom floor she realises she is booked to do a radio interview to promote her novel.

Coco still drunk, makes an on-air joke about the head of an influential Television book club. Her novel is withdrawn and pulped. Ethel is evicted from her nursing home and comes to stay and Rosencrantz is held on a drugs charge whilst visiting Daniel in America. Coco reaches rock bottom when The Daily Mail newspaper runs an article about her dysfunctional family.

However, her life is transformed when Angie a fearsome Literary Agent signs her. She also acquires a local allotment, not to grow plants but to get close to Adam, the dashing hunk with the firm produce...

Read the emails, which tell the hilarious heart warming tale of Coco picking up the pieces